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Cool Off

July 15, 2024 by MikeDominick

Can A Roof Replacement Keep You Cooler?

A fully functioning roof system is important for so many reasons. Roofs protect your home from the elements – rain, wind, snow, hail, ice – and even the outside temperatures. You may not realize it but a roof will keep your home temperature stable when it is working as it should. This makes your home comfortable and help you save money on energy costs.

If you have an older roof you may want to consider a replacement – especially in this summer heat. New roofs have better insulation and more modern materials that are constructed to better keep the heat out and cool in. Many new roof coatings offer a reflective option that keeps sunlight from being absorbed into your home.

To talk with an experienced team about replacing or upgrading your roof this summer, contact Phoenix Roofing for a free roof inspection. Visit

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Prep for Hurricanes

July 9, 2024 by MikeDominick

Hurricane Season 2024 

Hurricane season is underway with the monster of a storm Beryl that churned through the Caribbean this past week. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts an above-normal Atlantic hurricane season. This means potentially more storms and stronger storms.

What does this mean for your roof?

There are steps you can take now to minimize potential roof damage if a hurricane does affect your area.  This includes:

–       Ensuring there are not existing leaks, loose shingles or damage

–       Checking flashing to make sure it is secure and preventing moisture from entering the roof

–       Trimming or removing branches or dead trees that could become projectiles during a storm

–       Talk with a roofing professional about how you can take added security measures if a storm is on the way

Phoenix Roofing provides free roof inspections to ensure your home is ready for the dangers of high winds and rain during hurricane season. Don’t wait any longer! Make sure you are ready for whatever nature throws at you this summer and fall.

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Happy 4th!

July 2, 2024 by MikeDominick

Celebrating the Land of the Free!

At Phoenix Roofing we understand what an amazing country we live in. Where we can start our own business, doing what we love, and provide a service to our community. The freedoms found in the United States allow you to truly pursue the American Dream as we have.

We don’t take these blessings for granted and we seek to honor that through our work with quality workmanship and unparalleled customer service. We hope you will give us the opportunity to provide the same for your family or business.

To get started – schedule a free roof inspection at We will come out and see if our services are needed and how we can help protect the integrity of your home. Give Phoenix Roofing a chance and watch us rise above the rest!

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DIY Metal Roof?

June 28, 2024 by MikeDominick

Should You DIY a Metal Roof

Search on YouTube and you feel like with enough videos under your belt you can do just about anything. The truth is most things are not that easy. This is especially true with trying to DIY your metal roof installation.

Metal roofs have become popular for good reason. Their durability, long life span, and energy efficiency make them excellent choices for new roofs or replacement roofs. They come in a variety of colors and extra coatings can make them last even longer.

However, metal roofs are complex to install and doing it incorrectly can leave you with a lot of trouble. An improperly installed roof can lead to damage throughout your home as water leaks in and be the source of costly repairs. Installing a metal roof takes training and specialized tools.

Leave the installation to the professionals on this home project – reach out to Phoenix Roofing.

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Roofing Questions

June 21, 2024 by MikeDominick

Real Questions

I think we’ve all heard the expression that there are no stupid questions. This applies to roofing questions as well. One we’ve received at Phoenix Roofing is – can you apply new shingles over existing shingles when repairing a roof? The short answer is yes!

There are some qualifications to that answer. A lot depends on the condition of your current roof. Here are some things to look for to see if your new shingles can be applied without removing the current ones:

–       Is there only one layer of existing shingles?

–       Is the roof deck in good condition?

–       Are the current shingles laying flat?

If the answer to all of those questions is Yes you may be eligible for keeping your current roof shingles in place. The best way to determine this is with a roof inspection from the professional team at Phoenix Roofing. Schedule your inspection at

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Summer Temps and Your Roof

June 13, 2024 by MikeDominick

Summer Heat and Your Roof

It’s not officially summer yet but it would be hard to tell based on the rising temperatures and humidity. Heat isn’t just rough on you – it can be difficult on your roof as well. If you have any doubts about the condition of your roof, contact the team at Phoenix Roofing for a free inspection. They can identify a roof issue before it gets worse.

During the summer high temperatures can cause a series of issues including:

–       Shrinking shingles causing nail pops

–       Lead to roof cracking

–       Cause breakdown of roof adhesives

–       Warp shingles following expansion and contraction

Make sure your roof is holding up to the heat with an inspection from Phoenix Roofing. Schedule your free inspection online at

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Roofs Breathe

June 8, 2024 by MikeDominick

Roofs Breathe

There is so much that goes into the proper installation, repair or replacement of a roof. It is important to use a roofing company that has the experience and expertise to do the job right. Without the proper installation of a roof ventilation system your whole home could be affected.

Roof ventilation systems are a series of vents that keep air circulation in your home. This keeps your home comfortable and reduces the build up of moisture. Air needs to be able to move through the vents in your roof so that your roof doesn’t overheat.

The team at Phoenix Roofing understands how important air movement is to a roofing system. They also know how to create a ventilation system that won’t allow moisture in or lead to leaks in the future. Visit them online for a free roof inspection at

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Too Much

June 6, 2024 by MikeDominick

How Much is Too Much?

Roof damage can happen for a variety of reasons. This time of year storms are often to blame with hail, rain and wind leading to potential damage. Other issues can come from overhanging branches, ice, animals or even just the age of the roof. So how do you know if you need to repair or replace your roof? Here are a few things to consider.

Here are some questions to ask when considering repairing your roof or replacing it:

–       How old is the roof?

–       How long do you plan on staying in the home?

–       How bad is the damage

–       What is my budget for roof repairs?

–       What will my insurance cover?

A professional roof inspection will help determine if your roof can be repaired or if the repair costs are so high it warrants a full replacement. Phoenix Roofing has the experience and expertise to help you make an informed decision. Schedule a free roof inspection at

Is Heavy Rain Damaging?

May 21, 2024 by MikeDominick

Spring storms are known for their roof damaging capabilities from high winds to hail, but can heavy rain be enough to cause roof problems? Some storms are capable of dumping heavy amounts of rain in a short amount of time. Even without the wind and hail associated with those storms, rain can create its own set of issues.

Water can get underneath your roof shingles and cause damage to the structure of the roof deck leading to potential leaks into your home. Large amounts of rain in a short period of time can overwhelm your home’s gutters leading to possible flooding. Heavy rain will infiltrate even the smallest of cracks in the seals on your roof.

It is important to have regular roof inspections especially in volatile spring conditions. The storms the Southeast has seen recently have been especially intense with heavy downpours. To set up your free roof inspection visit

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Hail Types

May 14, 2024 by MikeDominick

Types of Hail 

Hail can be one of the most damaging parts of those severe spring storms. This past week areas of the Southeast saw hail ranging in size from very small to baseball size. If your area experiences a hail storm of any kind there are some things you should do to ensure your home and roof are protected.

Hail claims to insurance have to be completed in a specific amount of time or they may not be covered. Be sure not to wait too long! Pay attention to weather reports in your area to see what type of hail occurred. This means looking for descriptions and photos. 

While pea size hail may not seem to be an issue, even small hail can cause problems if it is dense enough. Dense hail is often completely clear in color because it contains less air molecules. Dense hail can be very damaging no matter the size because of the impact it causes to your roof. 

A professional roof inspection can determine if there was functional or cosmetic damage done to your home. Don’t wait to have this done! If you experienced severe weather schedule a free roof inspection with Phoenix Roofing at

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