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Should I Clean my Roof?

January 25, 2023 by MikeDominick

Should I Clean my Roof?

Just like any exterior part of your home, being exposed to the elements can take a toll on your roof. You may start to notice a black substance on your shingles – most likely algae or even moss growing in certain areas of your roof. This is where a professional cleaning can really help.

Algae tends to have a black/blue color and is often mistaken for mold. It can cause unsightly stains and will continue to worsen until it is removed through cleaning. Algae thrives in humid environments and grows well in shady, damp areas. Algae by itself is not damaging to asphalt shingles but can lead to other problems such as mold development, wood rot or damaging the structural integrity of your roof.

Moss is another common roof ailment. It develops in environments that are cool and damp such as an area of your roof that is shaded by trees. Sometimes moss can be seen from the ground but it often can develop underneath the shingles and will only be detected from a roof inspection. Moss can cause your shingles to warp and crack, causing the deterioration of the outer layer of roof protection.

So what should you do?

Experts recommend having your roof cleaned at least once a year. Due to the delicate nature of the work and the potential safety hazards, it should be done professionally.

Roof cleaning typically involves a bleach solution that will kill the algae or moss growth. A broom or bristle brush will be used to clean the roof without damaging the shingles.

Metal roofs need to be cleaned as well. Water can be used to remove visible debris but further cleaning may be needed. Metal roofs require soft tools such as washcloths or bristle brushes. A mild solution of detergent or car washing soap may also be used.

If you haven’t had your roof cleaned or haven’t paid attention to the state of your roof, contact the experts at Phoenix Roofing today! They can set up a full evaluation of the state of your roof and make recommendations that will keep your roof looking and working good for years to come!

The Importance of Roof Ventilation

January 18, 2023 by MikeDominick

The Importance of Roof Ventilation

Your roof is so much more than just a covering for your home. It is an intricate system designed to protect your home and involves particular parts and designs to keep your home functioning properly.

One such system is roof ventilation.

Roof ventilation is a system of intake and exhaust vents that provide air circulation. This air circulates around the attic of the home.

Roof vents help extend the life of your roof, regulate the temperature indoors and reduce your home energy costs.

Without proper roof ventilation your roof can overheat and condensation can build up leading to mold or rot. This can pose a serious health risk as well as damage your home. Roof vents are necessary in all climates and seasons.

Types of Roof Vents:

Intake vents – Soffit vents or rooftop intake vents, typically located at the lowest point of the roof. Allows fresh air to enter the home.

Static exhaust vents – don’t require an electricity but make use of natural air flow

– Ridge vents – easy to install at the highest point of the roof, allows hot air to escape the attic, blend in easily with a low profile

– Hip vents – for homes with limited to no ridge areas, can also be combined with ridge vents

– Roof louvers – another option for smaller roof areas or roofs with no ridge line, require multiple vents

Powered exhaust vents – remove large amounts of air using the power of electric or solar energy. Typically include thermostat control

Every home is different and may require different types of ventilation depending on your roof style, home build and location. The experts at Phoenix Roofing can confidently assess and design a ventilation system for either a new or existing roof. Contact the team at Phoenix Roofing today! #roofing #RiseAboveTheRest #phoenixroofingsc #roofrepair #roofreplacement #roofingcontractor

What to do if a tree falls on your roof.

January 12, 2023 by MikeDominick

What to do if a tree falls on your roof.

It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare. A storm blows in and those beautiful trees on your property become dangerous projectiles. A strong wind pushes one of those trees over onto your roof. What should you do?

Safety is the first and most important thing in this situation. Evacuate your home immediately and call 911. When a tree hits you won’t know if more structural damage could have been done causing other parts of the roof to cave in. Get out and get somewhere safe. Your roof could continue to weaken under pressure so time is of the essence.

Once you are safely outside of your home, call your insurance company to let them know what is going on. They may want you to take photos or videos to document the incident. They can begin the process of getting your home repaired and back to normal.

The emergency personnel on the scene will let you know if your home is safe to return to or if you need to find alternate shelter. Homeowners or renters insurance may cover the cost of a hotel if needed.

Once the shock of the situation has worn off and you are somewhere safe and warm, it’s time to contact a local, reputable roofing company. This company can do a thorough inspection and recommend either repair work or full replacement, depending on the extent of the damage.

Phoenix Roofing has been around long enough to understand the ins and outs of roof damage from wind and trees. Sometimes the damage may be minimal such as if a tree limb is all that was involved. However if an entire tree was to fall on the roof there may be more interior damage that will require additional contractors to fix. Working with a local, trusted company will help you and your family get back to normal quickly and with the peace of mind you would want in this situation. #roofing #RiseAboveTheRest #phoenixroofingsc #roofrepair #roofreplacement #roofingcontractor

Urgent Weather Update

January 4, 2023 by MikeDominick

Urgent Update:

The National Weather Service has issued a tornado watch for parts of South Carolina, including the greater Columbia area.

Primary threats with this weather system include:

Possible tornadoes

– Risk of hail

– Potential strong damaging winds

Wind gusts of up to 70 mph are possible.

These type of weather events can be damaging to roof systems. Contact Phoenix Roofing for a roof inspection or if you notice any of the following potential signs of roof damage

– Damaged shingles

– Water stains or leaks

– Missing shingles

– Loose flashing

– Missing or dented gutters

– Divots or indentations on shingles

Contact Phoenix Roofing immediately for a quick assessment of potential damage and to ensure your home is protected. Call 803-727-9382.

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