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Most Common Roof Leak Causes

June 29, 2023 by MikeDominick

Main Causes of Roof Leaks

Not sure you should schedule a roof inspection? There may be more reasons than you think. Roof leaks can be one of the most expensive and time consuming home repairs you have to undertake. So instead, be proactive and try to avoid these main reasons for roof leaks with a regular inspection.

Top Reasons for Roof Leaks:

–       Age of the roof – shingles can dry or crack, lose granules and their ability to shed water

–       Broken or missing shingles – aging shingles may fall off but wind damage can remove shingles too

–       Chimney damage – water can seep in around your chimney or other roof penetrations and should be checked regularly

–       Improper sealing – Sealing that has cracked or wasn’t done properly especially around roof vents may lead to leaks

–       Hail damage – hail can cause holes to form in the roof or so damage your shingles that they are not able to properly protect your home

Phoenix Roofing offers complimentary roof inspections and will provide a full report on the health of your roof. Should there be a problem, their team of experienced roofing experts can help you address it before problems start! Schedule your inspection today!

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Preparing Your Roof for Hurricane Season

June 21, 2023 by MikeDominick

Preparing Your Roof for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season begins June 1st and runs through November 30th. NOAA or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, is forecasting a season with 12-17 named storms, with 5-9 of those becoming hurricanes. Hurricanes begin with a rating of 1, which has winds of 74 mph, to a rating of 5, which has winds of 111 mph. Of course these are just predictions and it only takes one storm to wreak havoc in your area. Being prepared now will save you a lot of heartache down the road.

So what can you do? Here are a few ways to prepare your roof for the potential of strong storms.

  1. Schedule an updated roof inspection that can identify potential problems or areas of weakness.
  2. Remove any potentially dangerous or harmful tree branches or overhanging foliage.
  3. Check with your insurance company to ensure your home is properly covered in the event of storm damage.
  4. Have equipment on hand such as tarps, flashlights, buckets and contact information for your roofer.
  5. Keep up with your roof maintenance such as cleaning gutters and removing debris.

It’s impossible to prevent all damage but preparation and planning can help lessen the blow of strong wind and rain. For more information on how to keep your home safe and secure contact the experts at Phoenix Roofing. You can schedule your free roof inspection today!

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Green Roofs

June 13, 2023 by MikeDominick

Green Roofing Materials

Advancements are always being made in the roofing industry and environmentally-friendly options are no exception. New green materials and techniques are consistently being added to the roofing world. Here are a few new advancements that may be of interest.

–       White or “cool” roofs: Composed of a mixture of white gravel and glue, “cool roofs” reflect the sun’s rays helping your home stay cooler in the summer and reducing your need for air conditioning.

–       Solar Shingles – Shingles that are made of photovoltaic cells can be integrated into your roof and help cut your utility bills by up to 60%. Federal and state tax credits can be applied to offset the cost of purchase and installation.

–       Thermoplastic Roofing – Used on commercial roofs, thermoplastic polyolefin is a roofing membrane used to cover flat roofs. It has a naturally reflective surface that reflects UV rays.

–       Recycled Shingles – A synthetic roof shingle made from recycled materials reduces the need for raw materials, reduces waste, provides durability and creates a beautiful look.

Whether you are repairing or replacing a roof, or even building new, there are ways to incorporate environmentally friendly options into your project. Working with an experienced team like Phoenix Roofing you can learn more abouts the best options for your home and budget. Reach out to Phoenix Roofing today to set up your free roof inspection!

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How Hot is Too Hot?

June 5, 2023 by MikeDominick

Is it too hot to work on a roof?

This time of year as temperatures soar it may not seem like the right time to get up on a hot roof. But damage, age or wear and tear can make it necessary to have your roof repaired or replaced. So is there a situation where hot weather can prevent your roof work from being done? A roof on a hot summer day can surpass temperatures of 170 degrees! 

There are many factors to consider when roofing in hot weather. The ideal temperature to install a roof is between 40 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat can affect the health of the roofers and make it harder to install your roof because of the quick drying adhesive or changing shape of the materials.

If roofing work does need to be done in conditions above 80 degrees, precautions can be taken such as:

–       Staying hydrated

–       Taking breaks

–       Wear cool clothes and sunscreen

–       Starting the work day early

Roof work doesn’t always come at the ideal time. Thankfully the experienced professionals at Phoenix Roofing understand how to do the job efficiently and safely. Contact Phoenix Roofing today to schedule an inspection or roof work before the peak of summer hits.

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