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Roof Inspections

May 30, 2023 by MikeDominick

What Is a Roof Inspection?

One of the most invaluable services Phoenix Roofing can offer the greater Columbia, South Carolina area are free roof inspections. But what is a roof inspection and when should it be done?

A roof inspection is a comprehensive examination of your roof and all the components that make up the roof of a home including:

–       Soffits

–       Gutters and downspouts

–       Any penetrations in the roof such as vent pipes or roof vents

–       Flashing

–       Windows or chimneys

Roof inspections determine the functionality of your current roof and look for any existing or possible problems that need to be addressed.

The structural inspection will look for signs of aging, sagging or other clues that your roof’s structure is beginning to lose stability. The material inspection will focus on the roofing materials themselves such as shingles, flashing etc and determine if anything needs to be replaced or repaired.

Roof inspections should be done at least once a year but especially after bad storms, winter storms, refinancing a home or buying a new home. A thorough roof inspection from a trusted roofing professional can be the difference between a small roofing problem today and an emergency later.

Contact Phoenix Roofing today to set up your roof inspection. Visit

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Roofing and Wind Damage

May 25, 2023 by MikeDominick

Roofing and Wind Damage

Wind is a powerful force – whether in a spring storm or summer hurricane, wind can wreak havoc on whatever crosses its path including your home’s roof. Understanding how wind damage occurs and what to look for in your roof can help you protect your home better.

Wind moves in many ways including up, down, sideways and in a circle. When wind encounters a structure like your home it may do the following things:

Hit the side of the home and travel over the roof

– More negatively affect the roof edges

– Creation suction pressure that can lift up the roof shingles

What type of roof materials your home has, how it was installed and how old it is can all affect the amount of wind damage you receive.

Evidence of wind damage can be obvious or subtle. Here are a few things to look for:

– Missing shingles

– Raised edges

– Damaged soffits or vents

– Curled shingles along the roof edges

– Tree branches or debris on the roof

Asphalt shingles provide different degrees of wind protection depending on who they are manufactured and installed. You can learn more about this by researching the rating shingles receive when manufactured.

For more information on the best type of shingles to protect your home from wind damage talk with the experts at Phoenix Roofing. Or, if you suspect possible wind damage to your home, make sure you have it inspected quickly and by someone who knows what to look for. Phoenix Roofing provides free inspections to make sure your roof is working properly. Give us a call today!


Roofing Terminology

May 17, 2023 by MikeDominick

Important Roofing Terminology

Roofing is an important and complex industry. Before you begin investigating roof repair or replacement, it helps to have an understanding of the terminology you may encounter during your research. Here are some important terms to help you better understand your home’s roof.

–       Roof – the top covering of a building or structure, including all structural components

–       Architectural shingles – asphalt shingles made up of multiple layers cut in such a way as to give the roof a more three-dimensional appearance

–       Decking – structural material over which a roof is constructed, often made of plywood or planks

–       Eave – part of the roof that overhangs the wall of the home

–       Fascia – wood trim placed just under the roofing and extending along the perimeter of the building

–       Flashing – material installed around edges or roof penetrations to keep moisture from accessing the layers below

–       Soffit – an exposed area of the roof under an eave or overhang

–       Slope – refers to the steepness of the roof

–       Valley – the place where two downsloping areas of a roof intersect

–       Vent – opening that allows air to move from inside the building to the outside

These terms are just a few you may encounter when researching a roof repair or replacement. Roofing is a complex business which is why you can count on the experts at Phoenix Roofing to understand the importance of a roofing job done right. Contact Phoenix Roofing today to set up your free home roof inspection!

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Hail Damage

May 8, 2023 by MikeDominick

It starts like any other spring storm until you hear that telltale sound – pinging at first and then louder and louder. Hail.  Hail forms when updrafts in a thunderstorm carry raindrops up into the cold regions of the atmosphere. Hail is different from an ice storm which typically occurs in cold weather.

Hailstones grow when they collide with other freezing rain drops and they fall when they become too heavy for the updraft to support. Wind driven hailstones are typically smaller while larger chunks of hail fall closer to the updraft itself. The largest hailstone recorded fell in South Dakota and was 8 inches in diameter and over a pound in weight.

Hail, especially wind-driven hail, can cause significant damages to cars, trees and homes. Homes can suffer hail damage on siding and roofs. Millions of dollars of damage is caused by hailstorms every year.

Even a small amount of hail damage can affect your roof in substantial ways. Small hail damage may leave dents or marks and remove the protective granules from the shingles. Each day light shines on the weakened parts of the damaged shingles – further weakening them and making them more brittle. Then as winter approaches those weak, brittle shingles can crack – possibly leading to leaks. 

If you suspect your home suffered any damage in a recent storm, don’t wait! Have Phoenix Roofing complete a free roof inspection to ensure your roof is up to standards. Any damage can be expertly and efficiently taken care of. Contact Phoenix Roofing today for your free inspection.

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Repairs That Cause Damage

May 3, 2023 by MikeDominick

Repairs That Cause More Damage

Unfortunately we see this happen more times that we would like.  A roof gets repaired incorrectly and the repair causes more damage than the initial problem. The videos we have here show the discovery of damaged, brittle shingles and their replacement.

Your roof is too important to risk with just any repair company. Not having a problem addressed correctly the first time can lead to more expensive and serious issues down the line. 

Phoenix Roofing has years of experience repairing and replacing roofs. They are OSHA certified with 50 hours of training. Roofer safety is a top priority along with providing unparalleled quality work and service.

Contact Phoenix Roofing for a free inspection – especially if you have had repair work done in the past.

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