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Pests and Roofs

Unexpected Roof Issues

When your roof isn’t working as it should, you may be opening up your home to unexpected guests. Animals and pests of all kinds can see a broken shingle or improperly installed roof vent as an open invitation to come inside. Phoenix Roofing knows how to identify potential problem areas and has the expertise to get them fixed!

Animals often search for a place outside of the elements during times of inclement weather, mating season or when they are going to give birth. All kinds of animals can find themselves in the attic through roof penetrations including bats, birds, racoons, squirrels, rodents, bees and wasps. Signs of potential infestations include hearing scratching noises, seeing nests on the roof, and signs of animal droppings. Animals in your home can cause structural problems as well as health issues so it is important to keep them outside.

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